What is Emerald?

Emerald is a multi-currency distributed ledger underpinned by the latest blockchain technology-
providing a quick, reliable clearing and settlement model

It enables partner banks to explore the opportunities that distributed ledger technology can provide to domestic and cross border multi-currency payments


  • SEPA compatible clearing and settlement

    Built to meet the requirements from SEPA 2018 Instant Credit Transfer (ICT) rule book

  • Distributed Ledger Technology

    Built on Ethereum with a modular architecture to allow migration to other distributed ledger technologies

  • Alternative to SWIFT

    Provides a credible alternative to the incumbent clearing and settlement market infrastructure

The Emerald Solution

Designed to make payments Quicker & Cheaper providing more Resillience

  • 100 Transactions per second peak throughput
  • ISO 20022 Industry standard protocol
  • 10 seconds Settlement time
  • 5 banks In pilot stage


You can download a paper about some initial performance testing work that was undertaken to develop an understanding regarding how Emerald performed with Ethereum.

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